Stomacul lui Taeyeon din SNSD atrage comentarii negative

Taeyeon din Girls Generation a postat pe contul ei de Instagram poza de mai sus, lucru care a adus o grămadă de comentarii negative.

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Pictoriale multe de la Kim Soo Hyun, AOA & Han Ye Seul

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(CCC) Sims din M.I.B s-a luat de Bobby din iKON?

<p>"M.I.B Sims Insults IKON Bobby In New Diss Track" Going Viral + Translation<br />
[[MORE]]<br />
Translation Credit: Bim @ oh!<br />
(Only translated the diss parts)<br />
shut up to all the tone deaf rappers on stage my looks aren’t everything. i ain’t growing my sides you can’t escape this track. the speed is as fast as a bobsleigh (T/N:pun for “slaying bobby) i’m the piglet sucking the honey next to pooh (T/N: pun at bobby owning a pooh plushy ) you can’t even ride on the beat where did you copy it? → bobby’s lyrics “i ride the beat like a fool” you can’t even spit your worlds in this battle rap you’ll only listen to what is good to hear? Don’t discriminate I’m gonna rap at once and we’ll see who’s mocking i don’t recognize your face nor the name of your song, i don’t care when you released your song it was so so and i can’t change my memory i’m clearing my throat in embarrassment from your awkward gestures i was on Trot X rapping → Bobby said something to Vasco about this on SMTM i’m the only one at the center of my league sometimes you pretend to be something else with that hypocrisy but from the roots, i’m different than you i’ve been talking about a story i’m just allergic to those bastard idols who are dissing →jab at Bobby there are a lot of kids who can’t do it, they can’t climb over me but what i hate even more are the ones who give up in the middle —————- so Bobby is the one who started, with Rapmon who followed with a diss Ravi trying to mediate the situation and this Sims guy came dissing again if you don’t know who Sims is, he’s in the same hiphop group as Kangnam<br />
Netizen Comments<br />
[+253,-40] for those who are ignorant and only listen to idol music, M.I.B is the most hiphop group there is out thereㅋㅋㅋ their rap skills are good. He’s definitely not lacking compared to Bobby they do a lot of underground performances M.I.B has Kangnam who’s good at signing. But the rapper and his lyrics are pretty good too??<br />
[+239,-42he’s not the same class as the other kidsㅋㅋㅋㅋSims-ya you wanted to play with them right?ㅋㅋㅋ<br />
[+207, -93]  Bobby is the one who dissed his sunbaes;; tsk tsk ㅋㅋ   <br />
International Comments<br />
"I want to hear Rap Monster now"<br />
"Please Rap monster please roast him"<br />
"Lol Ravis rap was trash, we need rap monster to show this fool something"<br />
"Sims rap skills are actually pretty good"<br />
"But where’s Rap Monster’s though."<br />
"Rap Monster it’s your turn"<br />
"Lol did Bobby really diss people though"<br />
"Look, f*ck everyone else. I want Rap Monster."<br />
"This sounded really dope though…"<br />
"He can rap, I’ll give him that"<br />
"No one dissed him though lol""Who is this?” width=”669″ height=”446″ /></p>
<p>Se pare că <strong>Sims</strong> din <strong>M.I.B</strong> s-a cam săturat de atitudinea lui <strong>Bobby</strong> din<strong> iKON</strong> şi a lansat un diss track dedicat acestuia.</p>
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Park Bom la aeroport. Internauţi comentează (din nou)

Pe 15 decembrie 2NE1 ai fost surprinse la aeroportul Gimpo, încorâcându-se de la unul din concertele din străinătate. Park Bom a fost văzută făcând cu mâna fanilor, dar alţi au mai observat şi alte lucruri la ea.

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Lizzy din After School îşi va face debutul solo cu o melodie trot

<br />
[HQ] Lizzy “My Copycat” concept photo – 1348 x 1800<br />
” width=”384″ height=”508″ /></p>
<p><strong>Lizzy</strong> din <strong>After School </strong>se pregăteşte de debutul solo, şi nu oarecum ci cu o melodie din genul trot.</p>
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Dahee şi Lee Ji Yeon au primit 3 ani de închisoare

După disputa dintre actorul Lee Byung Hun, Dahee din GLAM şi modelul Lee Ji Yeon, cele două au primit din partea procurorilor trei ani de închisoare.

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Thunder şi Lee Joon vor părăsi MBLAQ. J.Tune Camp oferă o declaraţie oficială

J.Tune Camp Responds to Lee Joon and Thunder’s Withdrawal + Comments on MBLAQ’s Future

Dacă până acum era în ceaţă plecarea sau rămânerea lui Lee Joon şi Thunder din MBLAQ, se pare că acum s-a confirmat: cei doi vor părăsi grupul.

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